BMC company information

BMC is proud to operate in a range of industries that provide vital services. Our primary industries are power and distribution, water, petrochemical, pulp and paper and mining and resources. Our reputation is built on exceeding industry standards and using innovation and the latest technologies to deliver projects in Australia and abroad.

Power & Distribution

BMC knows the power industry inside out. We have established and maintain long-term partnerships with all the major producers. Our high voltage, electrical and instrumentation unit delivers high voltage plant, technical and electrical services for clients across the power industry. This division of specially skilled electricians, instrumentation personnel, high voltage linesmen, cable joiners and support personnel provide 24-hour electrical maintenance for large industrial sites with technically complex assets. Our work with high voltage plant transformer refurbishment, switchgear servicing, retrofitting is carried out on-site or in the BMC’s workshops.


Water is our most precious commodity and the industry is continually finding ways to treat and preserve water for the future. At BMC, we deliver a range of engineering and fabrication services for water treatment and preservation facilities. Our experienced team provide process, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering along with fabrication expertise to assist in the construction of facilities including wastewater treatment, desalination and water recycling plants. We also provide services for the reuse of water, bulk water catchment, transfer of water and pipeline network distribution and irrigation systems.


Our insatiable need for energy is primarily supplied by the world’s oil and gas resources. BMC enjoys the challenges presented working on large-scale onshore and offshore operations and we understand the sensitivities working within the industry. We are a trusted service provider delivering refinery and process plant construction and maintenance, liquid natural gas plant and infrastructure construction and maintenance. We also provide onsite high voltage, electrical and instrumentation work, switchboard and switchgear emergency maintenance and repair services. Our site maintenance and shutdown procedures and specialist pipework ensure that plants remain environmentally sustainable whilst meeting industry standards for occupational health and safety.

Pulp & Paper

The Australian pulp and paper industry has a rich history in manufacturing high quality pulp, paper and packaging. It exports products globally and sustainability is vital to the industry. BMC uses its extensive industry experience to supply specialist labour support, turnkey engineering and design and fabrication services to pulp and paper mills. We are efficient in our approach to ensure our clients continue to be globally competitive.

Mining & Resources

BMC has been working with the mining and resources industry since 2003. Our work extends across coal, iron ore, gold, nickel and copper providing civil infrastructure including roads, rail and ports for mining and the development of mines. We maintain industry standards and our asset management and maintenance of fixed plant and equipment, including specialty welding, custom fabrication and shutdown management help to keep sites operational.