BMC company information

BMC does the job that others can’t do, on time and on budget, via specialised mechanical and electrical services to major industry and key utilities. We are experts in exotic material welding, high voltage and instrumentation installation, calibration and maintenance. We work across Australia and internationally on large and small projects with leading businesses in their respective fields including SP Ausnet, TruEnergy, Toshiba, Citipower, Powercor, Energy Australia, Laverton Gas, Siemens Power Generation, Australian Paper, Esso, Woodside, National Foods, BHP, Xstrata, Ergon Energy and Gippsland Water Factory. BMC has state-of-the-art workshop facilities totalling 10,700 m2 and is ISO 9001 Quality Management System certified.

Engineering & Design

BMC’s engineering and design services solve complex briefs for clients across a range of industries. There is no challenge too big for us. Our capabilities include civil and structural, process, mechanical, electrical and instrument engineering and piping design. We are a partner to our clients, working together to help them overcome their challenges. Our experience means you can be assured higher reliability and quality on every project we undertake.


BMC work with both carbon and stainless steel, and operate under strict quality control guidelines in segregated workshops, removing the risk of contamination. We track and monitor our fabrication services via a traceability system for structural and mechanical steel, piping fabrication and pre-assembled pipe rack (PAR) modules. Every job that is completed must adhere to a Manufacturers Data Report (MDR) which includes design records, post-weld heat treatment, hydrotesting or pneumatic testing, cleaning and purging. They’re all undertaken in-house prior to dispatch. Our PAR modules are a combination of structural steel and piping fabrication capabilities that are pre-tested with valves, instruments and insulation installed.

Construction & Installation

BMC’s construction of high quality static equipment is best in class. Our tanks, exhaust stacks, bins, chutes and hoppers are constructed in our workshops by specialised personnel, ensuring precise alignment of complicated weldments and machined parts for on-site installation. We organise transportation of oversized equipment and infrastructure to ensure you receive maximum asset integrity and optimal project outcomes. All of our work under-goes strict quality control and is backed up with documentation and guarantees including internal, external and client system audits and Manufacturers Data Reports.


BMC provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week maintenance services that ensure our clients projects and plants continue to operate smoothly. We offer asset maintenance strategies, detailed planning, estimating and scheduling, plant outage and shutdown, subcontractor management, facilities management, specialty and maintenance performance and productivity analysis and reporting. Our maintenance services meet industry occupational health and safety standards at all times.

Labour Support

BMC is able to draw upon a mobile labour force of 4,000 skilled personnel to meet the needs of our clients throughout Australia and overseas, including A-grade electricians, instrumentation personnel, high voltage tradesman, cable joiners and support staff. We also have a range of construction-site approved equipment for hire, including trucks, 20 tonne franna and 55 tonne rough terrain cranes, extendable and fixed forklifts, diesel generators and welding machines. No matter the size of the project, BMC’s support services will get the job done.

Specialist Skills

At BMC, we have a track record of getting things done and are proud of our ability to do jobs that others can’t. Our range of specialist skills sets us apart from many of our competitors. We have expertise with exotic material welding, high voltage and instrumentation installation and maintenance. These are carried out by highly-trained individuals under the strictest quality control standards. Our work is delivered to major industry and key utility clients on-time and budget.


BMC's ability to provide exotic material welding and fabrication is unique. We work with different metals including carbon, stainless steel and aluminium. Our experienced welders perform an array of joinery and welding processes and other specialist services. Every project is delivered with a Manufacturers Data Report. Our work is undertaken at our state-of-the-art facilities in Morwell that have been custom built. These include separate workshops ensuring there is never contamination between carbon and stainless steel during manufacturing and the highest level of quality in maintained.


BMC’s specialist high voltage services extend the life of plant assets via maintenance, refurbishment and defective repairs. We are an approved contractor to Vic Roads and the High Voltage Distribution Network. Our experienced A-grade electricians, high voltage linesmen and cable joiners perform transformer installation and refurbishment, switchgear servicing and retrofitting services. All of our high voltage work can be performed in our in-house facilities or using our fully equipped on-site mobile workshop vehicles.


BMC provides specialist instrumentation services to the electrical industry throughout Australia including instrument calibration, transformer oil filtration and regeneration, instrument and electrical panel fabrication, and electrical testing and maintenance of industrial equipment.  We have extensive experience working with high and low voltage instrumentation. Our 24-hour, 7 days-a-week electrical maintenance service on technically-complex equipment, at large industrial sites, ensures clients have the most cost effective and reliable instruments throughout their entire life.